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Here at Apptentive, we’re focused on driving customer engagement and improving in-app customer communication. Our Notes tool makes it easier than ever to engage with your customers at specific times and places throughout your mobile experiences, expanding your ability to deliver personalized messages that notify, encourage action, or both.
Notes are a one-time message that enable you to engage a broad group of your customers. Notes allow you to link to different interactions, specific locations within your app via a deep link, or even to a web page by adding different button options. They’re easy to configure from the Apptentive dashboard, launch in five minutes or less, can be turned on and off as needed, and can be scheduled to launch automatically.
Three main benefits to using Notes are:

Communicating on a broad scale: Quickly deliver a message to the audience you need to reach, without having to release a new version of your app, or just say “hello.” Notes are a way to communicate without asking customers to take an action.
Proactively reaching out to minimize churn: If there is a known bug or a payment failed, send a Note to help save the relationship. Don’t wait for your next app release to take action.
Educating and delighting customers: Did you add a new feature? Is there a piece of content customers won’t want to miss? Send a Note at the right time to educate and delight, including deeplinking to other areas of your app.

Now that we’ve explained what Notes are, it’s time to show you the many ways they come to life. In today’s post, we go through eight different examples of how to use Notes to better communicate with your customers.
1. Surprise and delight
Notes enable you to engage customers who have completed a set of in-app activities. Whether the customer is engaging for the first time or is one of your loyal customers, a Note can be used to reward loyalty and boost retention. Perhaps your customer made their first in-app purchase and you’d like to reward them with a 20% coupon off their next purchase, or they’ve reached a high score on the latest level of your game and you’d like to show them a preview of new level to keep them playing; in both cases, a Note is a great way to keep customers engaged.

To reward through Notes, link one of the buttons in your Note to content, or to another part of your app. In the example below, the Note is linked to a coupon on a mobile-optimized web page (through a deeplink).
2. Teach customers about new features
If you have a new feature in your app customers are experiencing for the first time, you can use a Note to guide them through it and hear their thoughts. Linking your Note to a survey offers you a chance to learn first-hand about the customer experience, and to help your customers learn more about the feature.
You can use a Note as a request for opt-in for a new feature (i.e. “Would you like to try a new feature of ours?”) or simply let customers know about the new feature, as seen below. Knowledge is power, and Notes are a great way to keep customers informed when you release new, exciting features within your app.

3. Gather customer feedback
Notes make it easier than ever to solicit customer feedback. You can use Notes as a single question survey, or as a lead-in to a longer survey to learn more about your customers to better serve their needs.
Many Apptentive customers who leverage the power of Notes with Surveys see high survey completion rates, which means respondents are less interrupted and more willing to give feedback.
4. Make announcements
Whether you’d like to communicate to some or all your mobile customers, Notes can be used to alert your customer’s in-app. Notes give you the power to announce a new version or feature, promote a sister-app release, and so much more.
To launch an announcement Note, link the button in your Note directly to the App Store or Google Play, or link to a product-landing page. For example, this customer used a Note to encourage customers to upgrade to a new version of their app.

You can also leverage Notes to give customers a heads-up, especially when it comes to scheduled maintenance or downtime.

5. Share positive reviews
Many companies (especially retailers or those with brick and mortar locations) can benefit from making it easy for their fans to share their positive reviews on Google Places, Yelp, etc. Notes can help you prompt fans to rate your business through the app, rather than simply prompting them to rate the app itself in the App Store.
By using a Note coupled with Apptentive’s Love Dialog, you can understand whether or not customers love your business. If they answer yes, prompt them to leave a review that shares their experience. If they say answer no, connect them to a person or feature that can take their feedback so you can understand why. As always, you can deeply segment customers into cohorts before prompting for reviews with a Note.
6. Acknowledge mistakes
Unfortunately no one is perfect, and on the rare occasion that something goes wrong in your app (it crashes, something doesn’t load, a payment doesn’t go through, etc.), sending a Note to apologize to your customers can go a long way. In fact, Apptentive’s research shows that 51% of customers who have a negative experience will respond positively if the company directly addresses the issue. A Note can be a great temporary fix before your next app release.
To launch an acknowledgment Note, identify common issues within your app and target events to them. A Note can help explain to your customers that you know of the problem and are addressing it.

7. Encourage social engagement
Notes can be used to help drive social marketing campaigns. You can leverage a Note to encourage customers to tweet a screenshot with campaign hashtags to be entered to win contests for swag prizes, and to notify customers of upcoming ways to engage outside of the app.
In addition to powering social sharing, Notes can also be used to encourage app customers to drive social following. This type of outreach gives your social marketing campaigns a way to come full-circle across your mobile experience.

8. Drive customers to content in real-time
Many companies (especially in the media and entertainment industries) need a way to promote content within their app in real-time. Notes can serve as a way to alert customers who are currently using your app that there’s a broadcast, livestream, etc. that they might want to watch happening right then, containing a deeplink so the content can be viewed immediately.
To help drive customers to watch content in real-time, you can use a Note to alert people who are currently using the app that the event is occurring. You can distribute multiple Notes over the course of a broadcast to encourage as many real-time views as possible, segmenting customers along the way to ensure their experience is not disrupted.
Get started with Notes
Notes is a powerful tool that allows our customers to drive customer engagement and improve their in-app customer communication. Through Notes, you can better connect with customers to keep them informed, delight them in-app, and ultimately, gather their feedback to continuously improve your mobile experience.
Are you interested in learning more about Notes, along with the entire Apptentive product suite? We’d love to connect and answer your questions! Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or request a demo to learn more.
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