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Dog Spotting

Instagram for dog lovers

Framework: Ionic | Back-end: NodeJS/Parse | Db : MongoDB | Server : AWS EC2 & S3

: Video/photo upload, Instagram style photo feed, likes/share/comments options, social sharing, Push notifications, Multi language, Coach
screens module, gamification, in-app purchases

Dogspotting is a widely popular app for dog lovers. Dogspotters can spot a dog and upload the picture in an Instagram styled app. Users have their own profile, own photos, points, leaderboard, followers and followings. User receive push notifications on any related activity. The app is fun for dogspotters and has thousands of downloads.

The #1 App for spotting, viewing, and sharing dogs! You can join in the game and be awarded points for sharing spots to climb the leaderboard. If not into gaming, share your own pup on the Society feed so your friends can give it virtual pats. Access and post spots to the famous Dogspotting Facebook group. Collect bones every time you share a dog and cash them in for huge discounts for spotting gear and swag at the store. Join the fastest growing app community in the universe. The dogs must flow!



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