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    Four Steps To Customer Retention Experts Reveal Mobile Tricks You Need To Know

    App Marketing, Mobile App Development

    In mobile marketing, it’s a well known fact that retaining customers costs less than acquiring new ones, and retention can also be used as a trust signal around how well your brand knows its customer base. However, retention doesn’t look very good for the average mobile app. What many don’t realize is that customer churn […]

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  • 8 Ideas for Encouraging Customer Loyalty by Mobile Apps

    6 Steps to Stronger Customer Loyalty

    App Marketing, Customer Experience, Mobile App Development

    Customers have endless options when it comes to choosing new brands and services, which means their expectations are high. Immediacy, personalization, responsiveness, and product quality are a handful of the primary reasons customers will choose to be loyal to one brand over another. But one major component holds the key to earning and solidifying customer […]

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    Boost Your App Engagement with These 7 Tricks More is not necessarily better.

    App Marketing, Customer Experience, Mobile App Marketing, Mobile App Promotions

    Having tons of new people downloading your app feels great. But it isn’t all about numbers, especially when your app has a poor retention rate. A sign up or an app download doesn’t (always) mean the user will engage with your app in future. Only 14% of new users return after initial download and only […]

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  • Leverage Programmatic Video to Monetize Your App

    App Marketing, Growth

    [$title] According to a recent comScore report, recent digital growth has been completely mobile. With 70% of digital media time being spent on mobile these days, mobile video content plays a crucial role in driving the digital growth story. By 2020, it’s being projected, 75% of mobile traffic will be driven by video (Cisco study). […]

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    5 Points To Know Before Scaling Your App’s User Base

    App Design, App Marketing

    Do you have a new app that’s adding users, getting positive reviews, and generating attention? Are you trying to figure out what comes next? In most cases, the next goal is to significantly grow the user base and achieve scale. However, “buzz” doesn’t necessarily mean your app is ready to scale. AJ Yeakel perfectly defines […]

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