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App Portfolio


Dynamic data app with woocmmerce integration

Framework: Ionic | CodeIgniter Framework

Features : Dynamics page generation from admin dashboard, Dynamic RSS feed fetching, Local data storage and dynamic syncing

Boutiqify is a dynamic app where all the pages are generated from the options selected from Codeignitor Dashboard. Pages contain different types of content ranging from images, videos, event info, RSS feeds list and simple articles. The app also contains dynamic links in Sidemenu and footer which are also populated from back-end. These include in-app navigation links plus links for direct phone calling etc.
The app also contains woocommerce flow, where users can browse and buy items from the e-shop. It includes WordPress authentication and woocommerce ordering flow.

The app is built to sync with the company’s website and blogs, instantly updating both the social media sections of the app and the in-store event calendar from a single dashboard.