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Souper Seconds

Farmer’s market app
Framework: Ionic | Back-end: NodeJS/Parse | Db : Parse
Features : Dynamic data update, Braintree payment gateway, print/copy/mail options for orders, Image capture and Cloudinary upload, Real time Screenshots for feedback, social sharing, Push notifications, Hand signature on device

Souper Seconds is a huge marketplace app (with over 60 screens) for farmer’s market, where farm fresh items are purchased in bulk. Customers (restaurants) can login in customer app, and place orders selecting items, quantity, delivery date etc. Farmers can login in Farmer app and see their orders, delivery wise breakups, remaining inventory and past orders. Farmers can also update their inventory realtime, change prices of items, send delivery and order acceptance notifications to customers.
Above all, there is admin login, which can control both customer and farmers logins and can perform functionalities of both logins. Admin can certain special control by which he can change already placed orders, delivery timings etc.
Order placement , delivery, warehouse drop-off etc are all backed up with push notifications. Delivery is confirmed with finger signature on the device itself. All data is synced real-time.


“As the demand for locally-sourced, chemical-free food continues to grow, it’s become increasingly difficult for farm-to-table restaurants to find—and afford—supplies of organic produce on a regular basis,” says Souper Seconds founder and CEO, Megan Morris. “With our seconds marketplace, restaurants and their customers can easily find affordable organic produce with built-in food traceability, order management, and payment—delivered directly to the chef or wholesale buyer.”

The whole process of buy-sell is also available for Flashsales, where all of the above functionalities happen over a couple of hours. Customer and Farmers can stay updated about the Flashsales and their locations. They can select to sell/buy items in these flashsales. All the order and delivery flow remains the same as for general orders.



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