colorado dispensary native roots

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Native Roots

Dispensary promotion and marketing app

Framework: Ionic | Back-end: nodeJS | Db : mongoDB  | Server : AWS

: Camera/gallery image uploads, social sharing, local data storage, image caching, admin panel for dynamic updates, geolocation, navigation,
calendar integration, Push notifications

Native Roots is a bar and restaurant app. It showcases all the menu items in a great UI, plus offers many offers to users. The app offers loyalty discounts on menu items. User can upload photos and post their comments on app’s wall. Users can order online through the app. All the restaurant’s information is available on the app.

Admin panel for the app allows admin to add/edit/remove all content. Admin can maintain the comments and photos uploaded by users. Admin can also send push notifications to all users for promotional offers. All the app’s info can be changed dynamically from the Admin Panel.