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    Winning the E-Mail Marketing Game

    Mobile App Marketing

    The objective of marketing is to reach potential customers and win them to the advantage of your business. Email marketing is an important aspect of the Internet marketing plan. Let us discuss the factors that make email communication more effective. Email marketing is one of the most effective IM strategies Email marketing has emerged as […]

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    Basic differences between B2B and B2C businesses

    Mobile Marketing

    Business model of any company is defined as either B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) based on its marketing approach. If a company is doing business with another company for selling its products and services or for exchange of information then we say it is following B2B model. Examples include, CA firm offering audit services to […]

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    Bad Reviews, Are Not The End of the World.

    Mobile App Development

    From time to time have to deal with negative online reviews. It’s never easy to see someone bash your company’s internet presence online just because of one less-than-perfect experience with your company’s services. Before you call up your lawyer to see if you can win a defamation case against Ms.X for saying so and so, […]

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    The Real Truth of Email Marketing, and How You Can Maximize It.

    Mobile Marketing

    Email marketing continues to reign supreme atop the return-on-investment charts, beating out SEO, content marketing and paid search. When it comes to dollar-for-dollar investments, no other marketing channel beats email. Still, brands can’t expect to hash out lackluster email campaigns, hit the send button, and then just wait for the money to roll in. Launching […]

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    The Future of Social Media Marketing

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    The majority of us have grown so used to online networking being a piece of our lives that it appears to be weird to consider it as “another” marvel — however it is. In under 10 years, a small group of propellerheads have completely disrupted the “industry of advertising” forever. It’s natural to think of […]

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