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  • 8 Ideas for Encouraging Customer Loyalty by Mobile Apps

    6 Steps to Stronger Customer Loyalty

    App Marketing, Customer Experience, Mobile App Development

    Customers have endless options when it comes to choosing new brands and services, which means their expectations are high. Immediacy, personalization, responsiveness, and product quality are a handful of the primary reasons customers will choose to be loyal to one brand over another. But one major component holds the key to earning and solidifying customer […]

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    The Real Truth of Email Marketing, and How You Can Maximize It.

    Mobile Marketing

    Email marketing continues to reign supreme atop the return-on-investment charts, beating out SEO, content marketing and paid search. When it comes to dollar-for-dollar investments, no other marketing channel beats email. Still, brands can’t expect to hash out lackluster email campaigns, hit the send button, and then just wait for the money to roll in. Launching […]

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    Can You Name The Most Effective Form of Marketing? Hint: It Rhymes with Mobile, and It's Also the Least Intrusive.

    Mobile App Marketing, Mobile App Promotions, Social Marketing Tips

    Everyone hates intrusive and annoying marketing. When the web was recognized as a future marketing medium about a decade or so ago, the entire industry started filling up sites with huge, ugly, intrusive banner ads – yahoo! anyone? Then came along google which provided contextual advertising and we know where google and yahoo are today. […]

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