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In the last couple of years, design pattern and styles have change remarkably. Those flat, ugly designs are nowhere to be seen today. Our generation have evolved to smarter, more responsive, and functional design that fuse art and efficiency.

So, where does this go in the coming year? Are there any new concepts that you should look forward to? Or is 2016 going to be pretty much like the last year?

It is tough to predict. However, Xosio brings you a brief of what’s coming and what you can prepare your digital empire for.

1. Smoother User Interface

While the responsive era has brought in many positive changes, it also means that a large number of websites look identical to each other. WordPress themes are being built upon the same design concepts, which takes away that exclusivity and uniqueness from the website. Of course, it is not entirely a fault of responsiveness.

In the coming year, designers will work on different menu, images, and layout options to impress clients. It is going to be a very positive change that will influence not only businesses but also their customers and users.

2. Icon Interactions

Surprises are beautiful. Has it happened to you that a small bell pops out of nowhere while scrolling the page? Does it amaze you when icons communicate? These micro interactions are only going to rise in the coming months.

Surveys show that people love to view designs with interactive icons, which is also a way of modifying the responsive themes to look like everything else on the market.

3. Material Design

There was a lot of noise on this new ‘Material’ concept that Google brought in with the Android launch last year. So what is this material design and why so many are going gaga over it? While flat designs clearly appear to be dull, the Material Design uses clean and modernistic layout to bring more reality into the UI.

The Material Design is hugely minimalistic and maintains the UI and UX across multiple devices. One of the most important aspects of this design is that it is light on the code front and hence loads like a dream.

4. Product Previews

It is no surprise that ecom websites are in front of experimenting with the new design ideas. For them, there is a lot at stake and competition is stiff. While landing page did a great job for quite some time, they are not enough to make most users buy instantly.

These landing pages will also need vector graphics and looping videos to showcase the products better. While landing pages like the one for Apple Watch is great, future lies with the moving product preview.

5. Evolving Flat Design

Surprised? This whole time we were talking of flat designs as the thing of the past and now it’s part of the trend list. There is a concrete reason for that. Globally, millions of websites are running on flat design concept and not all countries will adopt newer trends this fast.

A lot of websites will still be made in flat designs, which will also evolve in many ways. More vibrant colors, typography, long shadows, and a touch of minimalism will take over the flat designs too.

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